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Anywho I've been away for a long time and I want to change that little by little, by doing something possibly every 2 or 3 weeks, although no guarantees since I'm working now.

My computer has been up and running for a while now, figured out why my new rig wasn't working, some of the pins on my CPU weren't connecting completely to the MoBo lol. But since I figured that out, I've had a few serious Harddrive deaths and most recently was a 260Gb HDD which I honestly almost cried when I heard that fucking sound. To those who know computers, you know the sound I'm talkign about, that abrupt clicking as it tries to hold onto life for a few more cycles... But luckily enough I still had my old 60Gb HDD that still had my WinXP SP3 installed onto it, and luckier still my buddy Bryce gave me a 500Gb external so that I could try and save as much Data off of my dying drive and my ancient 300Gb HDD. Which held all of my games, emulators, anime, wallpapers, music, movies, programs, porn, y'know pretty much all of my important stuff.

So, for now still no graphics card, but I have gotten some other new things:

PSP-2000 (Black); my Phat PSP is still around, but honestly there was nothing I could do to save my analog from dying and even if I replaced it I think it would die again no matter what. So, I opted to buy one from GameStop, and it's been working flawlessly, I'm even on 6.60 Pro-C now and loving it, only problem is the same one I've faced when upgrading CFW loss of savedata -_-

An awesome co-worker after only working for a few days, and finding out that I have a PSP just decided to give me his remaining library of UMD's (games & movies); Disgaea: Infinite, FFT:WotL, Phantasy Star Portable, D&D Tactics, Wild Arms XF, and Need For Speed. He's still got a few that he hasn't found yet, including Prinny: Can I really be thge Hero? , so once he's found them I'll be even more stoaked! XD

And my friend J.R. has offered to sell me his PS3 and games+accessories for $100 once he gets himself a PS4, which is awesome, I just don't know when he's going to get one lol. He's even agreed to let me purchase it in installments so I don't break my wallet.

I just recently bought myself a copy of Tales of Xillia: Limited Edition, and I'm really happy I decided to wait on getting it, because in the end I ended up spending about $27 dollars less than what I would've paid had I gone to my local BestBuy (which was the only store around that seemed to carry it). And even though that's awesome it saddens me a bit, because at the time I made the purchase I also tried to snag a copy of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, and by the time I got home from work I found out that the order had been cancelled. And after playing the prologue over at Bryce's I can't wait to actually own this game and beat the hell out of it!

I've been planning on grabbing myself an R$ Card for my DSLite, but idk if I want to, it sounds amazing but I honeslt yhave no clue how to use it. I mean it can't be much more complicated than cracking a PSP, but if anyone has got any info or feedback on the stability and reliability of the R4 cards, then either comment on this journal post or hit me up with a note, I'd like to know more from those with first hand knowledge.

Speaking of the DS I just bought Dragon quest IX last night at my local Kmart and it was on clearence and ended up being less than $10, still sealed in it's original shrinkwrap! XD Wanted to grab Dragon Quest VI (I think that was it) that was also there on clearence, but I didn't know the price and didn't want to spend too much $, since I have to save up for rent/bills. Anywho I really am digging DQ9, I was a little sad that the other characters didn't have voices, like in 8, but I can deal with it, it's a nice game. The blend of CG and pixel is cool. And I'm really liking the customization, because in all honesty I am a cosmetics whore, if I don't think my character looks good I will honestly have less fun. I know it's fickle of me, but hell if I'm going to enjoy something, I want it to be as close to 100% as possible lol.

I've been gaming more on my PC recently aswell and it's pretty fun, finally got my copy of Magicka to work so I've been having a bit of fun playing that. Other than that though I've been playing Dark Souls but trying not to tred too far, because I
know I'd much rather play on a console. It's for the sole fact that my computer honestly can't handle Dark Souls, and my internet is shoddy so I get booted from the servers a lot when I think I'm in offline mode... Other than that I've snagged myself a few goddies on Steam sales, like the Legacy of Kain Collection (-Blood Omen 1 since I bought the collection back when it was only Soul Reaver, SR2, and Defiance, and later bought Blood Omen 2), Strike Suit Infinity Mega Bundle, Alice: Madness Returns (although I never played the 1st one). My sister bought Brothers: A Tale of two Sons, and OMFG that game is Amazing, and totally fucked, I knew that something was gonna go down after watching thtrailer, but I never would've guessed what it actually was. She also bought the Stanley Parable, after I took the time to introduce her to the trailer, and such she just got hooked on the humor and the overall wtf that the games' trailers instills, and she was overall pleased with her purchase, as was I because damn that game is funny and awesome.

And that's about it from my end there's probably more that I neglected to say, but for right now this is as good as any place to stop lol.
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Here's something interesting that I did when after I saw the American remake: I tried several times to design my own version of the Tape...and failed. I noticed that some mysterious "Number stations" seemed a lot like those noises in the background. At least I had something to experiment with while learning video editing from scratch.
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